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Wines without Added Sulphites

Les vins de l'AOP Saint-Chinian sans sulfites ajoutés - Les vins du Languedoc sans sulfites ajoutés
Find the range of wines without added sulfites present in the online store of La Maison des Vins de Saint-Chinian.

Sulfites are naturally present in wine. In fact, during the natural alcoholic fermentation stage of grape must, under the action of yeasts, the sugars are transformed into alcohol. At the same time, by natural chemical reaction, a production of sulfur dioxide (SO2) is created. This sulfur dioxide generated is what is commonly known as sulfites. SO2 acts as an antioxidant in wine, preventing it from taking on aromas of green apple. It also has an antiseptic action, and prevents a possible resumption of fermentation in the bottle if all the yeasts could not be transformed during the alcoholic fermentation stage.

We recommend that you serve these wines at a service temperature between 14 and 16 ° C, after a period of aeration.
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Les Terrasses de Gabrielle - Un Jour Au Cirque 20184
9.00 EUR 

Les Terrasses de Gabrielle - Un Jour Au Cirque 20184

Saint-Chinian AOC
Village : Berlou
Red Wine-12.5%vol-0.75L
No sulfites
Wine with soft tannins and a fruity mouth.

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Domaine Gabelas - Le Cochon d'Epicure 2018
15.00 EUR 

Domaine Gabelas - Le Cochon d'Epicure 2018

Saint-Chinian AOP
Village : Cruzy
Natural Red Wine-13.5%vol-0.75L
vins bios, languedoc, occitanie, saint-chinian, demeter, ecocert, vins rouges bio, vins blancs bio, vins rosés bio AB - Organic Wine

"The wine that sulphifies itself". Gourmand, generous and intensely fruity.

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Domaine Lanye-Barrac - Le Cochon Lunatique 2019
14.50 EUR 

Domaine Lanye-Barrac - Le Cochon Lunatique 2019

AOP Saint-Chinian
Village: Saint-Nazaire-de-Ladarez
Organic Red Wine Without Added Sulphite
13% vol-0.75L

A gourmet red wine, fresh and easy to drink! A natural wine with a strong personality to enjoy with friends.

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Domaine La Linquière - Surnaturel 2019
10.50 EUR 

Domaine La Linquière - Surnaturel 2019

AOP Saint-Chinian - Les vins Sans Sulfites Ajoutés de l'AOP Saint-Chinian - Vins naturels - Vins natures du Languedoc
Vin Rouge - AOP Saint-Chinian - Vin Rouge du Languedoc - Achat Internet Web de vins du Languedoc - Occitanie Red Wine - 15%vol - 75cl
A red wine from Saint-Chinian "without added sulphites" with a big dominance of black Grenache! Fruit bomb guaranteed!
cepages vin rouge languedoc saint chinian Grenache noir (80%), Syrah (20%)
"Wine without added sulphites"

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