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Cave de Berlou - MAGNUM Berloup 2016

Magnums Saint-Chinian
Saint-Chinian AOC
Village : Berlou
Red Wine-13.5%vol-1.5L

Royal Vines since 1635







24.50 EUR 

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The Great Wines of Languedoc - The Wines of Occitania
Saint-Chinian AOC
MAGNUM - Absolutely great

The wine Terre de Loup, which will take the original name of the village of Berloup for the 2015 vintage, is a reference and pays homage to the royal vineyards that extend over the commune of AOC Saint-Chinian. In 1635, a compoix (cadastre in our Midi under the Old Regime) authorizes the extension of the culture of the vine to the edge of the royal forest of Albières (cf. wine Château des Albières in AOC Saint-Chinian Berlou). The name of the village of Berlou, comes from the Latin Ver Luporum, the "spring of the wolves", spelled Berloup. A tribute to this vintage presented in screen-printed Bordeaux bottle and handwritten typography.
The blend of this Berlou wine is composed of black Grenache, black Carignan and Syrah. An attentive plot selection according to the terroir and the grape varieties offers the best grapes for the composition of this vintage.
The wine is frank, expressive and offers aromas of red fruits, small berries with notes of violet and cocoa. The surrounding nature is represented by a scent of scrubland.
On the palate Terre de Loup, or Berloup, presents a fresh juice, rich in volume with velvety tannins. We find a nice balance with the scents perceived on the nose.
This wine of character combines with game or meats sauces like a hare stew with black olives, a lamb stew with thyme.
Be sure to serve this wine at a temperature of 18 to 19 ° C maximum on your table.
The magnum of Terre de Loup or Berloup can be kept in cellar for 6 to 8 years still for the most patient. A vintage to consume on his youth too, after opening two hours in a cool room.
AOC : 
Black Grapes varieties : 
Syrah Black carignan Black Grenache
degree of alcohol : 
Nose wine aromas : 
Aromatic Cocoa Complex Fresh Reds fruits Smoked Toasted Violet
Aging potential : 
drinking over 7 years
Wine style : 
smooth powerfull silky
service temperature : 
15° to 16° 17° to 18°
terroir : 
Schists soils
Maturing : 
In vat
Your style of red and rosés wines : 
Expressive and soft

Château La Dournie - MAGNUM Etienne 2014
30.40 EUR
  Château La Dournie - MAGNUM Etienne 2017 Magnums Saint-Chinian

AOP Saint-Chinian -
Vin Rouge - AOP Saint-Chinian - Vin Rouge du Languedoc - Achat Internet Web de vins du Languedoc - Occitanie Vin Rouge - 13%vol - 75cl
The signature cuvée of Château La Dournie in Magnum format!
cepages vin rouge languedoc saint chinian Syrah (60%), Grenache (25%) et Carignan (15%)
Label Terra Vitis - Conversation towards Organic Agriculture
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Château du Prieuré des Mourgues - MAGNUM Grande Réserve 2014
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  Château du Prieuré des Mourgues - MAGNUM Grande Réserve 2015 Magnums Saint-Chinian

Saint-Chinian AOC
Village : Pierrerue
Red Wine-14.5%vol-1.5L

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10.55 EUR
  Cave de Berlou - Cuvée des Albières 2017 Vins Médaillés

Saint-Chinian-Berlou AOC
Village : Berlou
Red Wine-13%vol-0.75L

For lovers of wine of terroir, or the old Carignan vines that express the complexity of schist soils.
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10.15 EUR
  Cave de Berlou - Berloup 2018

Saint-Chinian AOC
Village : Berlou
Red Wine-13%vol-0.75 L

Bunch of spices and undergrowth
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8.30 EUR
  Cave de Berlou - Terroir Calisso 2017

AOC Saint-Chinian
Village : Berlou
Red Wine-13.5%vol-0.75L

Fine and fruity smoked notes and aromas of strawberries crisp wine.
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6.95 EUR
  Cave de Berlou - Schisteil Rouge 2019

Saint-Chinian AOC
Village : Berlou
Red Wine-13.5%vol-0.75L

Bronze Medal at the Concours des Grands Vins de France de Mâcon 2016

Very fruity wine toasted with silky tannins.
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6.95 EUR
  Cave de Berlou - Schisteil Blanc 2019

Saint-Chinian-White AOC
Village : Berlou
White Wine-13.5%vol-0.75L

Citrus notes with freshness in the mouth.
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Cave de Berlou - Murmure rosé 2016
7.80 EUR
  Cave de Berlou - Murmure Rosé 2019 Nouveautés

Saint-Chinian Rosé AOC
Village : Berlou
Rosé Wine-13.5%vol-0.75L

A very expressive nose, dominated by raspberry and morello cherry. The mouth is supple and fresh. Whisper develops beautiful fruit aromas in the final.
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6.95 EUR
  Cave de Berlou - Schisteil Rosé 2019

Saint-Chinian-Rosé AOC
Village : Berlou
Rosé Wine-13%vol-0.75L

Silver Medal at Macôn Wine Contest 2016

languedoc rose wine aoc saint chinian rose languedoc Cinsault, Syrah, Grenache

Very fruity notes of wild strawberries with a lovely on the palate.
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Cartagene from Berlou Syrah and Grenache
13.90 EUR
  Cave de Berlou - Cartagène Terre de Loups

Village : Berlou
Vin de Liqueur-16%vol-0.50L

Beautiful vermilion color, hot and shimmering. Remarkable personality in which aromatic ripe bigarreau to dominate. The palate is generous and velvety with a long persitance complex and rich flavors.
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