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Cartagene (White & Red)

The Great Wines of Languedoc - The Wines of Occitania

Cartagena, Cartagena in Occitan, is a traditional liquor wine typical of Languedoc. It is obtained from 80% of fresh grape must and 20% of wine brandy.
Ideal as an aperitif, Cartagène is also consumed as a digestive, or accompany desserts fruit of our region, melon or a bit bitter cocoa. It also sublimates a foie gras on beautiful occasions!

The etymology of Cartagena, this liqueur wine from Languedoc is not stopped.
For some, it takes its name from the famous Hannibal and his arrival in Languedoc land during the Second Punic War, two hundred years before J-C. Capital of the province of Africa proconsular, the Punic city of Carthage sees born Hannibal, famous general and Carthaginian politician.
The name of Cartagena could also come from its composition even in four quarters of this drink, namely 1/4 of vinous alcohol and 3/4 of must. The term cartager in Occitan means "to plow a vineyard a fourth time".

Domestic production and personal use at the base, resulting from the know-how of the winegrowers of Languedoc, Cartagena is highlighted by the poet Frédéric Mistral who dedicates a verse to the nineteenth century.
Since 1989 discussions have been undertaken to create a Cartagène AOC in Languedoc. The INAO, facing a very large production area, has still not determined a delimited area and specific specifications for this liqueur wine, the production of which continues and is still consumed as well!

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