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BOISSEZON-GUIRAUD (Domaine) Wines of Saint-Chinian in Languedoc

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Domaine Boissezon-Guiraud
AOP Saint-Chinian - AOP Saint-Chinian-Roquebrun
Great Wines of Languedoc - Occitania Wines - South of France

50 hectares - Terroirs : schistes, argilo-calcaire - Village : Roquebrun - Grappes : Syrah - Grenache - Carignan - Mourvèdre

The vineyard of Michel and Pompilia Guiraud consists of 50 hectares of vineyards, spread over two towns of the appellation Saint-Chinian in the Languedoc: Causses-et-Veyran and Roquebrun.
These two localities represent the diversity of soils that are the size of the terroir of AOP Saint-Chinian. The parcels of vines planted on Causses-et-Veyran are found on a terroir of clay and limestone, while the vineyards of Roquebrun grow on a terroir of shale.
Michel and Pompilia Guiraud owe to the families of Michel's mother and father the constitution of this vineyard, in these two localities. The vines at Domaine Boissezon-Guiraud is a family story and a story that takes us back to the 18th century. It was in 1830 that the current form of the family winery was completed.

Since then, generations have followed one another. Michel and Pompilia work each of their plot with passion. They also pay particular attention to the selection of their reasons for the development of their cuvées. These shale wines from the village of Roquebrun seduce by their finesse, their elegance and the suppleness of their fruit.
Each of the AOP Saint-Chinian vintages of the Domaine Boissezon-Guiraud showcases one of the traditional grape varieties of the appellation. Cherries present syrah in its most fruity, fine and silky aspects. As in Cayenne, it is adorned with a large share of black Grenache in its assembly (complemented by carignan). Finally, the cuvée La Suite in the Ideas is built with a dominant Mourvèdre.
Each of these vines selected for the production of a vintage comes from a plot of the estate, chosen and worked to reflect the rich footprint of the terroirs of Saint-Chinian.
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Michel et Pompilia Guiraud - Les Cerises 2018
8.80 EUR 

Michel et Pompilia Guiraud - Les Cerises 2018

Saint-Chinian AOP
Village : Roquebrun
Red Wine-13%vol-0.75L

A captivating wine of freshness and a delicate fruitiness. Fine and silky, Michel's Cherries and Pompilia Guiraud, provide an immediate pleasure to the tasting!

cepages traditionnels aop saint chinian vin du languedoc maison des vins de saint chinian Syrah - Grenache - Carignan - Cinsault

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Michel et Pompilia Guiraud - Comme à Cayenne 2017
11.50 EUR 

Michel et Pompilia Guiraud - Comme à Cayenne 2017

"Vin Artiste"

AOC Saint-Chinian
Village : Roquebrun
Red Wine-13%vol-0.75L

Lauréades d'Argent - Concours Les Lauréades 2017

Cayenne? Grenache wild!
What a character ...

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Michel et Pompilia Guiraud - De la Suite dans les Idées 2016
15.00 EUR 

Michel et Pompilia Guiraud - De la Suite dans les Idées 2016

"Cuvée Virtuose"

Saint-Chinian AOC
Village : Roquebrun
Red Wine-14%vol-0.75L

For lovers of Mourvèdre, pepper, leather and a lot of elegance.

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