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This approach, born of the passion of the vine growers for their terroir and the desire for excellence. Since its launch in 2011, the selection is made every year.

What are virtuosos?
A virtuoso wine is a wine from the most beautiful plots of the estate, it shows the excellence of the terroir and the work of man, it is his most beautiful vintage: it is the grail of the winemaker.

How does wine become Virtuoso?
The wine, before being blindfolded by a college of journalists, must meet a very strict specifications. Low yields, vineyards on slopes, exposure, aging potential, respect for the environment, etc.

Who decides if a wine is Virtuoso and how?
Since the start of this selection, the wines are only tasted blindly by journalists, freelancers, sommeliers and other wine personalities, seasoned professionals for tasting.

What is the difference between this tasting and the others?
What makes the Virtuoses unique is the fact that each wine is tasted on three vintages! One vintage currently on sale and two more older, up to twenty years for some. If one of the three vintages is less qualitative than the others, so if the aging potential is not proven then the cuvee is rejected without appeal.

Why taste three vintages?
The wine growers of the Appellation Saint-Chinian wish to guarantee wine enthusiasts the pleasure of tasting that the wine is 2 years old or 10 years old. Slow aging in the cellar.

Is this ranking fixed?
No, of course the ranking is put into play every year. Forbidden to fall asleep on its laurels!

Why did you start this process?
Through this great project, the winegrowers wish to highlight the wonderful complexity of the great terroirs of Languedoc and more precisely of the Appellation Saint-Chinian.
2019 winners of the Virtuoso Wines of Saint-Chinian AOP

For this new selection of Virtuoso Wines from the Saint-Chinian appellation, the blind selection tasting took place once again in New York, at La Maison de l'Occitanie, on the famous 5th Avenue.

This year, the President of the jury was Andrew Bell, also President of American Sommelier. As for the previous editions of the Virtuoses, about forty domains participated in this great adventure. Nearly 200 wines were tasted blind by a large panel of jurors (all professionals).
Each vintage presented is tasted on three different vintages, a vintage for sale at the estate and two older ones. If a vintage is considered weak, the wine is discarded.
Selection 2018 of Virtuoses Wines of Saint-Chinian AOC

A selection that took place in Montreal, Canada under the chairmanship of Elyse Lambert, Master Sommelier.

For each vintage presented, three vintages were tasted for each vintage, by a jury composed of international journalists, winegrowers, sommeliers, wine merchants, restaurateurs, oenologists ... this classification is valid for 3 years. The 2018 edition took place at La Citée des Sciences, with Elyse Lambert as Session Chair.
Virtuoses Wines Selection 2017 Saint-Chinian AC Wines
A selection in partnership with Wine Enthusiast and Lauren Buzzeo

For each wine presented three vintages were tasted each believed by a jury of international journalists, winemakers, sommeliers, wine merchants, restaurateurs, winemakers ... This classification is valid for 3 years. The 2017 edition took place in the house South of France on the famous 5th Avenue in New York in partnership with the Wine Enthusiast magazine and Lauren Buzzeo as President of this vintage.
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